What Are Managed Search Services?

When your business signs up for Managed Search Services you are putting the daily administration and optimization of your online search campaigns and strategies into the hands of a 3rd party.

A great example of a managed search service would be when a company hires us to create/run their Google AdWords account, which is also referred to as Google AdWords Management or Pay Per Click Management. It is without a doubt our most popular service. In this case, we are brought in to consult search strategies and budgets, research keywords, build campaigns, write the ad copy, create display ads, optimize bids, provide detailed reporting, and so much more.

The obvious benefit for you is that by using a 3rd party it frees up your time and resources to run your business while bringing in a much more experienced person to handle the often complex and technical duties that come with the daily management of today’s search campaigns. It is fair to say that by using Managed Search Services you are getting a much higher qualified person on the team, for far less than it would cost to employ that same person.

Besides managing Google AdWords and Bing accounts, other popular managed search services include; Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, Product Listings, Local Business Listings, Video Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter, and many others. Over the years, I have even been asked to take over the search accounts of industry specific websites and directories related to my clients business.

How Do You Know When Your Ready for Managed Search Services?

If your reading about Managed Search Services, you are probably ready for it.

Wise clients have come to us early in their search marketing considerations, even before they have built an account, allowing us to help them pick their best search options for their unique budget and goals. Due to our extensive experience we can provide best practice strategies that help avoid common and often expensive mistakes, all while setting you up to grow and expand your online presence in the most cost effect ways available. The correct setup is a HUGE factor in your campaigns success.

One of the biggest mistakes I see from small business owners is that they did not consult an Internet Marketing Expert BEFORE they designed and built their websites.

It is OK, your not alone, 99% of small businesses fail do this simply because the didn’t even think to consider such an action. Now that you’ve read it though, it makes sense right? Who did the keyword research before the design? Why those keywords? How does the design work for your main keywords and ongoing SEO strategies? And… No, your web designer is NOT an Internet Marketing expert, not even close. He might be a super skilled programmer, however that line he fed you about building it for SEO, yadayada, well that was all simply using buzz words to tell you what you want to hear. Most of the time it means that all he did was install a plugin into your WordPress Design.

Of course, many clients have come to us after they have already launched a search campaign, usually on Google AdWords or Bing, and realize that it might be time for an expert to really look at their account. I personally enjoy these accounts because the client has probably tasted some kind of success from the campaign, yet the novice setup was causing costly problems. In such a case, clients see a huge improvement in conversion costs due to our restructuring and administration. This is especially true for clients that had already hired a different company to build and manage their accounts.

It’s unfortunate, but some of the worse accounts I have seen have actually been built and run by popular established search marketing companies and their so-called “account managers”.

Business owners just like yourself who had a feeling that something wasn’t working as well as it should came to me to look at their accounts with a fresh set of eyes. Smart Move! I have yet to see an account that we could not dramatically improve. Scary isn’t it? You bet.

The most common scenario I’ve seen is that the marketing company did a mediocre job building the original campaign, performed some slight modifications to it over the first month or so just to get it to where the client is somewhat happy, and then pretty much left it to coast with very minimal bid adjustments thereafter. Get em in, get em online, move on to the next one.

Whether you are just now considering a paid search campaign, or you have hired another company to run one for you, bringing in a more experienced person to manage your accounts on Google AdWords or Bing is a very wise choice. Experience absolutely matters, and while Google and Bing have done a great job simplifying the creation process, it is still very easy for a novice to spend money ineffectively.

Managed Search Services can be a cost effect marketing solution for you as long as you have a working business model and you are ready to invest the monthly costs necessary for generating new clients and sales from your online presence. It’s something we have been doing for over 19 years. I suggest giving us a call today to discuss your business goals and the various managed search services we can provide.



Start Today & Save $500 Off Your New Setup


Start Today & Save $500 Off Your New Setup